Ginger Bounty




NET WT: 45 GM                                                            

MRP: ₹60.00

INGREDIENTS: Organic Ginger, Salt, Black Salt


BAR CODE: 8908008372056

FSSAI: 10318019000043

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Ginger, the wonder spice that nurtures health and healing is brimming with taste and medicinal properties. The product ‘Ginger Bounty ‘is created from organic ginger that is grown in the chemical free hills of the North-East India. Ginger Bounty is your everyday friend you would relish by your side. Ginger Bounty is packaged in food grade material jars, where the ginger remains preserved for more than 10 months. The PET jars are at par with latest international standards.USES:
  • An immensely useful health product which will heal your sore throat and give relief during cold, will take care of your other common day to day problems like indigestion and gastric as well. All these in the form of a mouth-watering mouth freshener. You can pop some in your mouth anytime.
  • It is a wondrous appetizer that enhances the digestive process.
  • Heals sore throat and give relief during cold.
How we create our products? The supply chain starts with selection of a group of highly skilled farmers growing high quality produces in natural ways across the North-Eastern states. The BZF factory is run primarily by an all women workforce and is a prime example of their empowerment.


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