“Taste the tradition, Trust the quality with Bazaari Funde, where taste and trust are always in perfect harmony”

In the rolling hills of the North-East of India, there is a company that believes in doing ethical business and respecting the fundamentals of the market. We call ourselves “Bazaari Funde”, a name that signifies our commitment to innovation and technology in the supply chain, while staying true to the local culture and traditions.

 “From the hills of North-East India to your table, taste the ethical goodness with Bazaari Funde”

Our philosophy is simple: to start from the local and reach the global. We aim to create, impact, and sustain a valuable brand that has its roots in the North-East of India, which resonates with people far beyond it. And we do this by focusing on organically grown exotic agricultural produce of the region, which is unique and unparalleled in its taste and quality.

“Experience the unique flavours of North-East India with us”

We have three brand names – Red Trip, Crush, and Bounty – each with its own story to tell

Red Trip is our fiery brand, featuring the hottest chilli in the world – Bhoot Jolokia, also known as the Ghost Pepper. The bright red colour of the chilli signifies energy, intensity, and passion, while the name ‘Trip’ signifies excitement and fun. Red Trip takes you on a fiery culinary trip with their pickles, chutneys, bamboo shoots, and dried chillies.

Crush is our brand of spices, which are of the highest quality and organic. The spices are processed and packaged in the most hygienic method, and the result is the purest form of the spice with zero adulteration. Crush signifies products ‘made with love’, and adds an exotic richness of organic love to your kitchen life and dining tables. Ginger Crush and Turmeric Yellow Crush are our two most popular products.

Bounty is our health brand, featuring Ginger, Tamarind, and Haritaki. These products are immensely useful for health having their own benefits, and we have made them even better by turning them into mouth-watering flavours that you can pop into your mouth anytime. Bounty is a prize indeed, and our Ginger Bounty, Tamarind Bounty, and Haritaki Bounty are sure to win your heart.

“Bazaari Funde
is a story of taste and trust, where every product is made with care and love.”

Bazaari Funde is more than just a company. It is a reflection of the rich culture and traditions of the North-East of India, and a celebration of the unique agricultural produce of the region. It is a story of empowerment, with an all-women workforce running our factories. And most importantly, it is a story of taste and trust, where every product is made with care and love.