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Bamboo Shoot is one of the most preferred delicacies of the South-East Asian countries, China and India. Locally known as “BAH-GAZ” or “BAAS-TENGA” in the North-Eastern India, it adds a distinctive flavour to the dishes making it immensely captivating.

Red Trip Bamboo Shoot is packaged in food grade material jars, where the bamboo shoot remains preserved for more than 10 months. The PET jars are at par with latest international standards.


  • Bamboo Shoot is used in different cuisines of the South-east Asian countries, China and India for imparting its distinctively fresh flavour and aroma; as a trusted companion while preparing a wide variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, curries, soups, stews and stir fry.

  • Red Trip Bamboo shoot can be consumed directly with foods and also with meals in the form of chutneys or pickles or salads.


Bamboo Shoot protects the heart by dissolving the harmful bad cholesterol in our body. Low in calories and fat, it has the power to stimulate your appetite. Its high dietary fibre helps in easy digestion. Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins, bamboo shoots contribute to lowering and maintaining blood pressure if consumed moderately on a daily basis.

How we create our products?

The supply chain starts with selection of a group of highly skilled farmers growing high quality produces in natural ways across the North-Eastern states. The BZF factory is run primarily by an all women workforce and is a prime example of their empowerment.

Why Bazaari Funde?

The North-East of India is diversely rich in its agricultural produces. Bazaari Funde focuses on the organically grown exotic spices and herbs found in the North-Eastern part of India, while being responsible socially and thus, creating a relationship of taste and trust.

Each and every product is unique in its own way. The ingredients used in making the products are grown in the chemical free hills of the North-Eastern region. The raw materials are handpicked and special attention is given in procuring the raw spices directly from the farmers.

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